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Elizabeth Brown

Every time we sit for meditation, we turn within. As we close our eyes, the outer world contracts, and the inner world expands.  If we sit long enough, at least twenty minutes, our state of Consciousness begins to shift and deepen. Every time we make space for this to happen, it’s like dipping a piece of cloth into a huge vat of brightly colored dye.  The more we do this, and for longer periods of time, the cloth eventually becomes color fast.  In the same way, each time we steep ourselves in 2o minutes of meditation, we are creating a colorfast place of depth and beauty within us that is easier and easier to reach. Eventually, all we have to do is close our eyes and turn inside, breathe in fully and breathe out long a few times, and we have dropped into a deeper state in just a few minutes.

Deepen Your Experience

In the middle of a workday, what are you willing to begin to do every single day for ten minutes to Deepen Your Experience? (DYE)

Whether you are a working mom in Singapore (Susie Margolin) or doctor in Tanzania (Joey Banks), these are short DYE inquiries to Deepen Your Experience = DYE, every single day, a bit of steeping each day, some longer some shorter, to keep the inquiry high and the assimilation on all levels an ongoing conversation.

DYE: Kick or press up to a forearm balance with your hands clasped at a wall or a tree (or without outer support) for 30 seconds; repeat. Rest in pranam (child’s pose) for a few long breaths. Never look at a wall or a tree the same way again–now they are collaborators for your awakening!

DYE: Kick or press up to a handstand at a wall or tree (or without outer support) for one minute, or two sets of 30 seconds; repeat. Then lie down with legs up the wall or the tree, or with a prop under your calves, for five minutes with your eyes closed, breathing long full breaths into your back body. Feel your back swell up as it presses against the earth with each inhale.

DYE: Press up or kick up into a headstand, with legs at wall or tree if necessary, and your head preferably outdoors on sand, pine needles, grass, or, a mat. Hug the midline with your legs and as you root down from the palette through forearms and head, rise up through your feet. Turn to your breath, for 15-25 pulsations. When you come down, rest in pranam (child’s pose) for a minute or so, lengthening the back of your neck with your hands. As you sit up, close your eyes, and feel your breath come in easily, and move out long, for at least 3 minutes; lie down for savasana if you prefer. I like this one on the beach, especially on a windy day – so the rooting down and the hug to the midline with the legs is outrageously important for balance.

I always post these on facebook and twitter, (see footer below for links), so please feel free to join the conversation there with your discoveries, input and ideas. What drops you right in when you close your eyes?

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